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e-lit' flashback:
The Boston T-1 Party

presented by Kurt Heintz at the Boston Public Library 
Boston, Massachusetts, 25 March 2001, in a program
curated by George Fifield with

I had the privilege of speaking with a fine roster of fellow e-lit' writers, editors, and critics at the Boston Public Library in 2001. The transcript of my speech is offered here as comment and, to a degree, flashback on the development of e-lit' and poetry in general in the electronic age. Much as critical and technological turbulence are hallmarks of the e-literature sphere, the issues I addressed in 2001 still seem to be present and worthy of discussion in 2008. I'm confident that will be so for a time to come.

Incidentally, the term "T-1" is a play on the idea of the Boston Tea Party, with the idea that "T-1" connectivity (a unit of broadband communication) was considered a very large amount in 2001. invites you to take a step back to 2001 to reflect on the issues then with present-day insight.

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