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past articles

Essay, interview, and other discourse on poetry, the literary ecology, and culture, from e-poets network friends, associates, and respected sources.


elit' 2001 flashback: the Boston T-1 Party, Heintz
An address to an audience at the Boston Public Library, originally delivered in early 2001.


When We Meet Each Others' Eyes, Mar 2007; Heintz
A memorial tribute to Merilene Murphy, poet, peace activist, and new media pioneer.


Red Primer Poetry Festival, Dec 2005; Anderson
A review of the 2005 Festival held in Desmond, Ontario.
Poetry passports, Dec 2005; Davis
A possible way to encourage broader listening while verifying credentials among open mic poets.
Interview: VJ SOLU, Oct 2005; Poole
An interview with a well-traveled European video artist and VJ, reveals how video art is tracking toward performance and improvisation.
Poetry video: on the genesis of the alchemy, Sep 2005; Heintz
Keynote speech from Illume, a curated selection of poetry videos presented at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago.
Festival voix d'Amerique, Apr 2005; Anderson
A review of the annual international poetry festival in Montréal, held in February 2005.


On combatting nerves on stage, Dec 2004; Kaufman
The life cycle of conquering the jitters before an audience... and then some.
Big bucks for fast words, Oct 2004; Ellik, Ewing
Seven-page feature; interviews with Berkeley slam MC Charles Ellik and Chicago poet Samaiya Ewing on the impact of larger prizes in local poetry slams.
Will Work for Food, Aug 2004; O'Neil
An opinion essay by Daniel X. O'Neil, reprinted with the author's permission from his poetry/rant collection Economics (2003, Juggernaut Press)
Surfing Season, June 2004; Haley
An interview with Canadian spoken word artist Heather Haley, on the genesis of her new album and her artistic career.
Starting out in poetry video, May 2004; Heintz
Another call for advice, this time on poetry video, elicits tactics on creation and distinguishing characteristics of the genre.
"Queer fiction lives here", May 2004; Alvarez
An interview with Aldo Alvarez, on publishing Blithe House Quarterly online.
On poetry radio, May 2004; Nelson
An interview with poet and radio host Paul Nelson, on principles in poetry radio.
Starting out, January 2004; Heintz
A two-part response to a budding poet's call for advice, drawn from e-mails.


Dear Mr. President, April 2003; Piatt
At the dawn of US ground assaults in Iraq and protests in American streets, one poet's "brotherly" letter to George W. Bush; a poem as essay.


2002 Zebra Festival review, July 2002; Jung
A close-up on Berlin's first celebration of poetry film.
What Is Working Class Literature?, July 2002; Rosenbaum
A special two-part essay by Chicago bibliophile and labor activist Lew Rosenbaum.


Going beyond performance, December 2001; Smith
On performance poetry as a means instead of an end.
German Lessons, December 2001; Heintz
German poets learning by an American example, and then improving upon it.
How you know it's war, September 2001; Gillespie
How a seachange in warfare has changed the tactics of dissent.
On translating cultures, September 2001; Heintz
On cultural literacy and signifying differences between Germany and the USA.
On theater and new media poetry, June 2001; Heintz
On the overlapping critiques of poetry, performance, and new media arts.
Poetry across frontiers, May 2001; Network correspondents
Special 14-part transcript of the e-poets network roundtable from South Africa, through Canada, England, and the USA; what artists seek most from poetic communion.
A Letter to Dan and Gale, March 2001; Heldt
An existential pondering of language, god, and good insults, written by Todd Heldt as an open letter to college friends.
Brilliantly immoral, February 2001; Patin
A celebration and review of a new spoken word CD by Taalam Acey.
When It All Clicks, January 2001; Heintz
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