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The e-poets family of websites support literary studies in high schools and colleges. They also stand as a living and growing testament to the vitality of spoken literature in contemporary culture. Our online resources have helped students, educators, and a cosmopolitan public enjoy fresh language arts online for over a decade. e-poets' Book of Voices and An Incomplete History of Slam are durable online documents, durably supported. Our efforts may seem intangible, but citations in theses and papers, as well as appreciative responses from general readers, make our work feel so worthwhile.

Nobody makes money from e-poets.net. There are no kick-backs or gratuities earned through link exchanges or commercial sources. No government or institutional funds support this site, which leaves us free to edit and curate as we please. Most importantly, no artist ever pays for inclusion in our projects. We are not pay-to-play. Just as we are free to all readers, we are free to all writers. We work collaboratively with the artists who generously contribute their work to this site. It's sweat equity for them and us. They build language art, and we build out the network from them to you. We stand squarely outside literature's "vanity market."

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