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Gratitude to friends and associates who've helped build (and re-build) the e-poets network, this strange contraption of art and technology. Without them, the Network would not exist.

- Kurt Heintz,

the Chicagoans:

  • Jeannine Deubel - for strength, faithfulness, and a heck of a lot of shlepping and camera work

  • Fred Pienkos - for persistence, patience (with me) and creative vision in the thick of the tech

  • Joyce Bollinger - for keeping the spark and the vision (for me)... since 1982

  • Drew Browning & Annette Barbier - for teaching me the spark, in spite of myself

  • Marvin Green - for his superb counsel

other North Americans:

  • Jill Battson, Toronto - for awe, groundedness, and writing the plain, honest word

  • Paul Nelson, Auburn, Washington - for loyalty

  • Heather Haley, Carol Hamshaw, and Josef Roehrl, Vancouver - for enduring and renewing

  • Barbara Steinberg and James Mason, Monterey - for giving vision its due

the rest of the world:

  • Birgitta Jonsdottir - for Reykjavik's mountains, joy, the heavens, and the transient earth

  • John Paul O'Neill - for glorious London

  • Erkki Lappalainen & Johan Nordgren - for Stockholm

  • Matthias Göritz & Christine Garrelly - for my family

  • Boris Preckwitz, Antje Mittelberg, & Tina Uebel - for Hamburg, for Germany, and ultimately the rest of Europe (well, maybe except for France)

  • Paul Braffort & Josiane Jonquel - for France, and an e-literary heritage I didn't know I had (!)

  • Jon Reeves - for being the devil's advocate Down Under

  • John Goss - for Jupiter's sling-shot effect in my life's grand tour of the artistic solar system

  • Tania Bruguera - I will not give up

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