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publication policies

General policies: does not publish unsolicited text submitted by e-mail or through any online forms on this website. Instead, we review audio and/or video recordings of poetry, select the best submissions, and then publish that as streaming content on the website with the artist's consent. If we really want your manuscript, we'll ask you for it. Until then, consider committing your poetry to some kind of recording, and sending that to us.

When submitting recorded media, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS. SEND ONLY DUPLICATES. cannot be responsible for any materials lost or damaged in shipment. All recordings sent to become property of the e-poets network and associates, and may not be returned.

Please identify yourself and any/all contributing artists on the submitted recordings.

Acceptable media for audio:
The e-poets network accepts audio recordings as a main medium for submissions. Acceptable formats for audio recordings include, but are not limited to:

  1. CD-ROM containing digital audio files in MP3 or Microsoft WAV format.
  2. standard audio CD
  3. standard audio cassette, either 2-channel (stereo) or 1-channel (mono) format (4-track cassette is not accepted)

Formats/media are listed above in order of their preference.

Acceptable media for video:
The e-poets network also accepts video recordings for submissions. Acceptable formats for video include, but are not limited to:

  1. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM data disc containing digital video files or clips (including sound) in QuickTime, MPEG-1, or Microsoft AVI file format
  2. video CD, with clips encoded in MPEG-1 format
  3. mini-DV video cassette, in NTSC (American) video format
  4. standard VHS video cassette, in NTSC (American) or PAL (European) video format

Video formats/media are listed in their order of their preference. DO NOT SEND FINISHED DVD VIDEO as we will neither decrypt nor unlock finished DVD material.

Contributors' rights:
All rights to the original works revert to the artist or writer upon publication. We will not own the original works, although online we share copyright as a measure to protect our own investment of labor, identity, and (to some degree) artistry in presenting the poetry as we do. Such copyright extends only to the online presentation we render.

Contributors' obligations:
Any party who submits recordings to be considered for publication on shall warrant that they are within their rights to represent the work, and that they can give rightful consent for that work to be published on Further, they shall warrant that any citations of others' works found within their submission comply with Fair Use.

Publisher's rights:
The e-poets network reserves to the right to edit all submissions, and may not publish them, at our own discretion.

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