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submission guidelines:
poetry, performance, & creative writing

Poetry, performance, and original creative writing are the raw materials for the Book of Voices. Book of Voices entries come in either of two formats. Full chapters include recordings, biographical information, publication credits (where applicable) and texts, such that the reader gains more than a passing aquaintance with the artist. Artist profiles contain a brief biography and links to streaming media on a single page.

Book of Voices entries need:

Roughly seven poems, edited and ready for performance:

Seven poems is a rough number, and more may be included in a Book of Voices chapter if the poems are shorter. Fewer poems are enough for artist profile pages. However, we prefer to publish no fewer than three audio recordings per artist.

Digital audio recordings of the poet reading/performing their texts:

In some cases, artists have also supplied us finished audio tracks with complete musical arrangements. In the best circumstances, we will have audio recordings of all the poems, and may have video of some of the poems. (See our publication policies for media and format info.) Artists are encouraged to use their creative prerogatives in all the media available to them, but will not publish work which uses the media as a gimmick.

A letter affirming the exclusivity of the work online:

We avoid publishing work that already exists on the web. This is in the interest of offering our readers something new and exclusive to our site, and to encourage artists to bring their new literature into public view online. The artist retains the right to re-publish elsewhere after the e-poets network places their work online.

Submitted audio and/or video works are generally published first, then followed by texts of the pieces if the artist's Book of Voices entry expands beyond a single profile page.

Keeping an eye open for publishing poetry in more than text, we hope to collect our featured artists' works as a CD or DVD. If your work is chosen for inclusion on such a disc, we will notify you and give you the right to accept or decline the offer, and at such time we will also explain our terms for inclusion on the disc. If you do not wish to be considered for such an electronic anthology on disc, please state so when you submit your work.

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