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essay & critique for Plain Text

Essay, review and critique is the raw stuff of Plain Text,'s venue for critical thinking and discourse on poetry, performance, new media and electronic literature, audiences, and their interactions. Plain Text features are comprised of single web page articles. And they may include A/V augmentation.

Some of our reviews of performance poetry have included audio samples of the reviewed performances. This exceeds print media's ability to offer highly specific critique as we allow the readers to audition and judge the material for themselves. If you have an idea for expanding critical discourse using the web, we want to hear about it and see it put to good use.

We do not publish reviews to the effect of "this was cool, but that sucked." We do not publish gossip, nor articles that revolve around celebrity at any scale. We have no place for infomercials or polemics, and any controversy that's synthesized is necessarily false and unworthy of publication here. We are keen on elevating the critical ecology of Chicago literature and of the media poetry environment in general, whether that poetry is scholastic or feral. We have an ecumenical approach to literature, and believe that the classifications of "high art" and "low art" is arbitrary; we tend to ignore that border.

Plain Text contributors must be able to justify their opinions in writing with fact and reason. There is plenty of room for opinion in Plain Text -- that's one of the reasons it was created on But we value truth over coolness; arguments over truth yeild discovery, while arguments over coolness reveal vanity. Contributions should be accessible to lay readers, but not talk down. We want everyone to stretch just a bit for these features, whether they're contributors, writers, students,

Each Plain Text feature should:

Be submitted in electronic form.

Essays will be converted from text to HTML.

Be original and not published elsewhere.

We do not reprint contributions from other publications, whether they're in print or electronic form. We offer original and fresh discussion for our readers on a continuous basis.

Include contact and biographical information of the contributor.

We verify our sources, and encourage our contributors to give information helpful for the audience, too. If you have published with any another online enterprises (either your own or run by a third party), please supply their URLs.

Respect conventions of copyright and common footnoting practices.

Quoted or cited works should be accurately referenced.

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