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submission guidelines:
long form essay, fiction, multimedia, & narrative works

Longer works of various forms are at home in our Library. The Library contains historical pieces, interviews, narratives, and more elaborate multimedia poetry than what would be found in the Book of Voices. Where chapters in the Book of Voices may concentrate on given artists and their poetry, pieces in the Library may contain the work of many artists in a single feature, and there is no requirement that the work be strictly poetry.

This section is also open to multimedia designers working with writers and other visual artists. In other words, if you have a concept piece which involves literature in any form, it will be at home in the Library.

Like the Plain Text submissions, Library features should:

Be submitted in electronic form.

All written work will be converted from text to HTML.

Be original and not published elsewhere.

We do not reprint contributions from other publications, whether they're in print or electronic form. We offer original and fresh content for our readers on a continuous basis.

Include contact and biographical information of the contributor.

We verify our contributors, and encourage them to give information helpful for the audience, too. If you have published with any another online enterprises (either your own or run by a third party), please supply their URLs.

Respect conventions of copyright and common footnoting practices.

Quoted or cited works should be accurately referenced.

Please continue to the publishing policies page if you have a feature you would like to publish in the Library. copyright © 1999-2016 e-poets network
all rights reserved
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