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This article was developed in late1996 for Hyphen magazine, a multi-arts and literary journal which waspublished two to three times per year in Chicago.I interviewed Eduardo Kac bytelephone and e-mail, and never met him in person before the article was published. Thatdidn't seem to matter much, however, since quite a bit of his personality seems to comethrough the electronic media undisturbed.

Since this article was originally written for print, it reads sequentially. (Use the forward and backward arrows at the top of the feature pages to move through the article at page at a time.) However, I'veadded a few bits here and there to give it a better disposition on the web. The "webliography" is one such feature. Kac introduced me to this term, and I think it's very appropriate. After all, if you're citing sources onthe internet, why not just link to them?

If you have questions or comments about this feature, pleasedrop me a line.

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