the webliography

This, the "webliography" (a term coined by Eduardo Kac), is a collectionof links which augment and frame the rest of the feature. Happy web surfing!

the web domain of Eduardo Kac and
The authoritative statements by the artist himself.

Minimal fictions and
On Being aWidely Published Author, by Richard Kostelanetz
Essays and writing by an inspiring mind in animated texts.

See also: Visible Language, vol 30.3 for background on Kostelanetz,and vol 30.2 for Kac's essays on holopoetry.

Islamic art
A very sophisticated website detailing Islamic arts in decoration, with a particularly interesting section on calligraphy.

A proto-anthology of hypermedia poetry
A very throroughly linked online paper edited by Chris Funkhouser will springboard you into the many related threads of poetry and new media arts.

Cosmo software, by SGI
On the outside chance that you still haven't tried VRML on your computer, here's a great place to start. Get your plug-ins for virtual reality, and prepare to read holopoetry.

This webliography was updated May 1999 to include new URLs since the originalpublication of the feature.