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peers and partners

These are the member organizations of the e-poets network. All locations employ H.324 videoconferencing technology. (For an explaination of H.324's significance, see the tech page.)

Heather Haley, independent poetry/media artist

founder of the Edgewise ElectroLit Centre, and Vancouver Videopoem Festival; Vancouver, British Columbia

Cinasphere & Planet Authority online zine

Martha Cinader's cosmopolitan poetic sphere, including the Listen & Be Heard performance poetry series, based in Vallejo, California

Farrago Poetry

London, England's premiere slam and performance poetry presenter, directed by John Paul O'Neill

The Northwest SPLAB

The SPokenword LAB, Auburn, Washington, offering workshops, radio programming, and featured readings by outstanding contemporary poets; directed by Paul Nelson

Radio Free Monterey (RFM)

An independent Internet radio/TV station on the web, which netcasts nightly with live on-line chats; RFM is the e-poets network webcasting hub, serving a worldwide community with RealVideo and simultaneous online chat. copyright © 1999-2016 e-poets network
all rights reserved
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