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submission guidelines looks for literature that turns a new leaf, and can demonstrate that the artist or writer has a competent grasp of why that new leaf really must turn. We are not a zine, but a network. We are not a vanity website. We are not about the self. Instead, we visualize this website as a vehicle to explore and share culture -- to examine the other -- in new ways. If you're approaching us to simply get your stuff on the web, then you should really consider self-publishing or going elsewhere.

Publishing is not our sole concern. The e-poets network facilitates 2-way video link-ups between poetry stages, originates webcasts, and co-produces other live electronic literature events. (See what we do.) If this website were a building, it would probably be called a cultural center. As the public expect responsibility and accuracy in representation from such centers, the e-poets network takes cultural and artistic representation quite seriously. We use no pseudonyms, no polemics, no tokenism, no apologies, and no trumped-up theory to try to validate our contributors' works. We believe truth trumps "coolness," and pursue free inquiry where it leads us. As a result, a clear, respected, and highly visible channel is ours to offer the very best artists who come our way.

e-poets tripartite literature
We always seek for new work to add into the Book of Voices, our Plain Text op-ed features, and the general features in the e-poets Library.

the Book of Voices

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Poetry in performance form is presented in the Book of Voices. The Book of Voices lends context and identity, a sense of place to the literature it presents. Our fuller chapters are more like encounters with the artists than a random sampling of audiopoetry. We edit for quality, not quantity, and feel it is better to present one given artist or theme thoroughly than to offer scattershot sound bytes of multiple artists.


Plain Text

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Essays, reviews, critique, and op-ed features will be considered for the Plain Text department. Plain Text is's vehicle for literature on literature, a platform for constructive criticism on the literary arts, constructive ecologies for writing, and new media. We do not seek tired themes -- we are way past the evangelism of the so-called "Global Village" -- but wish to explore the deepening interactions between artists, new media, text, performance, and the growing audience for creative work in this sphere.


the Library

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Longer text-, audiovisual-, or hypertext-based pieces will be considered for the Library, our collection of features and interviews of historical merit. The Library covers both longer-form fiction and non-fictional writing where a number of web pages are necessary to deliver the entire feature. They may include audiovisual supplements as well. The Library is our venue for more elaborate features rooted in multimedia that can be presented on the web.

Our editorial initiative:
As has a vested interest in performance and new media, we publish works in text, hypertext, audio, and video. Historically, we've given preference to work originating in Chicago, where was once singly based. But with the web's truly global nature, and our collective interactions with partners far afield, poetry and prose from outside Chicago is entirely welcome. If you're ready to take the leap, click to read our publishing policies. copyright © 1999-2016 e-poets network
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